Low angle photography

Low angle photographyWe are used to seeing photographs that were shot from our head viewpoint. To get more out of your photography, why not experiment with new angles.

Shooting low will give you a different angle of view, one that is not that common, and one that many photographers don’t even consider. Maybe because it requires to sit or even lie down on the ground.

Low angle gives you an interesting point of view, the view of the scene in front of you. You can also make more out of the foreground in front of you, and thus make your shot stand out. It is quite popular with street photography especially.

Remember that you will need something interesting on the foreground (could be something as simple as a few leaves). Get your widest lens and get on your knees (literally)! 😉  Maybe use textures in the foreground and focus on the foreground, not on the background.

Enjoy shooting! 🙂

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