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Removing Camera Noise

Almost every photographer needs to deal with noise in his/her images at certain point. This is something that is hard to avoid, especially when you shoot in low light conditions.

Camera Noise Removal is an important part of a digital photographer workflow to achieve a pleasurable effect with images that were shot in difficult light conditions. Noise in digital images is an equivalent of grain on film. Sometimes it may even look like film grain, however most of the time it looks more like colour artifacts.

Often the photographer may be challenged by difficult situation when shooting in low light – shall I shot at low ISO and get a blurry image or shall I shot at high ISO and get image with noise? Most photographers will go for a high ISO image with grain and then will use imaging software to remove noise. And that’s where the Camera Raw Noise Reduction makes a big difference, especially now with Camera Raw 6!

That’s why I created a video for you to watch. It shows how to deal with camera noise using Camera Raw 6 (found in Bridge CS5 and Photoshop CS5). I’m going to post it here tomorrow so stay with me.

Have a great day! 🙂

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