Remove a Background from an Image in Photoshop CS 5 with Terry White

It’s Friday, so it’s the last post of this week, I’m afraid….

You have seen me posting a lot about Terry White and his resources. Why? Because he is a great Adobe Instructor and photographer and he has loads of great videos. So, I’d be happy to share some of his videos with you.

Today, we’ll talk about removing a background from an image using Photoshop CS5. This is one of the very often, if not most often asked question, and Terry will try to make his best to show you how to do it best.

Terry says:

” One of the number one “how to” questions about Photoshop is “how to remove a background from an image or how to extract an image from the background.” I’ve recorded videos on this in the past and people always comment/ask what about when the background is not a solid color like grey or white? In this video the background is multiple colors and I walk you though how to do it from start to finish. “

Here’s the video for you:



Have a great time watching it and see you on Monday!

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