Raw and Jpeg inside Lightroom

Hello everyone,

If you are wondering whether you should shoot raw or jpegs, I will try to give you an explanation on how it works in Lightroom.

It is true that Lightroom is a pure non-destructive editor and even if you are working with Jpegs you are applying non-destructive editing to your images. It is also true that Jpegs are smaller than Raw (much smaller) in terms of file sizes on a hard drive.

There are certain setting you cannot change for Jpegs, f.ex. White Balance Settings. If you shoot Jpegs you are stuck, but if you shoot Raw you can play with White Balance so it doesn’t matter if you set it on Tungsten and you work outside in sunny weather – you can change it! 🙂

When you shoot Raw, your images are not fully processed by your camera. Also, what you see on the back of your camera is not a real Raw file, it is just a Jpeg preview that camera generates for you.

Shooting Raw gives you unlimited possibilities in making adjustments to your images and it is not true what many photographers say that they shoot Jpegs because it is faster to give them to the clients. You can export your Raw images as Jpegs with a click on one button! So no excuses any more. 😉

Have a wonderful day and a fabulous weekend.

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