Photoshop in Numbers

Here’s a video that you should watch, about little knows things about Photoshop CS6. I highly recommend it.

I found so many things I didn’t know about in this video, things you wouldn’t know even if you have used Photoshop for many many years.

Here are some of the little known things about Photoshop CS6:

  • Did you know that it 10,000 hours to build Photoshop CS6?
  • Do you know how many lines of code there are in Photoshop CS6? I’ll give you a hint… 4.5 million!
  • What about the number of icons that were replaced? Well, 1,900!
  • Or, what about the number of cursors replaced? A lot… 250.
  • How many more features are there in Photoshop CS6? 63% more.
  • Do you know what’s the largest image size in Photoshop? It’s 300,000 pixels! It’s enormous!
  • How many downloads of Photoshop CS6 beta were there in the first week? Half a million!

For the rest, just watch the video. It’s worth it:

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