Photoshop CS6 Update available

Adobe Photoshop CS6 update is now available for Windows and Mac users.

Adobe announced that they released Photoshop update versions:

13.0.5 (for Macintosh perpetual license customers), (for Windows perpetual license customers).

The update corrects a number of issues, i.e.:

  • When a transformed type layer’s point size is changed, the end result should be as if there was no transform (like CS5),
  • When moving a type layer with a free transform active, the size of the font changes to non-integer values,
  • Clicking a Pop-up window in a Flash extension panel does not work and/or cause Photoshop to crash (Mac only),
  • Info panel displays incorrect value for adjustment layers inside groups (Mac only),
  • Restore View>Print Size menu command and Zoom tool right-click context menu (Mac only),
  • Black & White adjustment layer scrubby slider does not work if in a layer group (Mac only),

and some more bugs fixes, these are just a few examples.


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