Photo Shoot in Mayfair and Brixton

Good Monday! Today I want to share some images that I shot on Saturday.

We meet with some other fellow photographers and did some shooting ion two extremely different areas of London: Mayfair – one of the richest, possibly the richest part of London, and in Brixton – one of the poorest areas.

As you can imagine, Brixton was a much more interesting area with many inspiring people from different cultures from all over the world. Some of them did not want to have their photos taken, some agreed without hesitation.

Enjoy! Tomorrow we will talk about new HDR Toning in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and I have a video for you that I will post on Wednesday… Till tomorrow  🙂

Mayfair first:

Mayfair in London

Mayfair in London


Now Brixton:




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