Peak District National Park (England)

Peak District

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening! 🙂

Today I would like to share some images with you. This Monday I went to the Peak District National Park in Central England.

Peak District was the first National Park in the British Isles, being created in 1951.The important thing to note here is that the term “National Park” in United Kingdom  doesn’t mean that the area is owned by the Government nor that it is uninhabited. It simply means that there are some restrictions protecting the area and that there is a Park Authority looking after it.

It is split in two main regions:

  • Dark Peak area,
  • White Peak area.

I went to the Dark Peak area (the northern part of Peak District). It’s geology is gritstone and that is where most of moorland can be found.

Even though the Dark Peak area lies very close to Manchester, it is a fantastic place to spend some time with nature, get some fresh air  😉  and do some walking – the mountains are not high and there are lots of plains in the area.

Here I share with you some of the images from my trip to Dark Area in Peak District.

Enjoy!  🙂

Peak District

Dark Peak area

Peak District

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