Customizing Colour Settings in Photoshop

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One of the first things you should do before you start working with Photoshop is to set up Colour Settings. To do that, you can follow me using any Photoshop version (the same settings apply).

One of the reasons why we do it is because the printed images and the images used on the Internet are limited on the range of colours they can display. You also need to set the proper Colour Spaces depending how you are going to use the images.

To access Colour Settings, go to Edit -> Color Settings in Photoshop menu as on the screenshot below:

Colour Settings

The default settings look like on a screenshot below (North America General Purpose as Adobe is an American software).

Default Colour Settings

However, if you live in Europe you will need to change that. Here is the list of available options:

ColourRGB will mostly depend on how you use the images:
– if you put images online, you would set it to sRGB – default colour space for computer screens
– if you print images, it depends where you print them. You will need to contact your printer to find out what colour space they use. They may use sRGB (most high street photo labs use them) or Adobe RGB (semi-professional and professional labs).

For CMYK, if you live in Europe, the default used by all printers would be Coated FOGRA 39.

CMYK Settings

Down under Color Management Policies, I set all the options to: Convert to…

Convert To

I also select options:
– Ask when opening
– Ask when Pasting
– Ask when Opening

below so I get prompted what I want to do if the image I am trying to open or paste into the design uses a different Colour Space. Then I can decide how to treat the image (the dafault option from Color Settings dialog box will be selected).

When you are finished you can press OK to accept all the settings or you can also save them on the hardrive by clicking on: Save…

Saving the Settings

And we are done!

Have a wonderful day and… till tomorrow! 🙂

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