New Surface Pro 7 announced

Microsoft announced a new awaited Surface Pro – Surface Pro 7.

One of the main awaited features was whether Microsoft would finally add a USB-C port (even last year’s Surface Pro 6 only has one standard USB port and no USB-C) and it looks like Microsoft didn’t disappoint at the Surface event yesterday.

Microsoft Surface pro 7,
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Design-wise, the new Surface Pro 7 looks exactly the same as Surface Pro 6. The same size screen, the same aspect ratio and the same resolution.

The main new feature is USB-C, which actually replaces Mini Display Port so Surface Pro 7 now comes with one standard USB and one USB-C, plus the usual charging connector as before.

Hardware-wise, it comes with newer Intel i3, i5, and i7 processors and prices start from £799.

New Surface Pro 7 will be available on 22nd of October.

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