New Lens Correction on Photoshop Lightroom TV

Photoshop Lightroom TVUse the new Lens Correction filter with profiles in Photoshop CS5 to remove distortions in your images automatically.

Watch the latest episode of Photoshop Lightroom TV to find out how to do it easily.

Learn to Master Lens Correction in Photoshop by following step by step while watching Photoshop Lightroom TV. Here is the link if you haven’t watched it yet:

Photoshop Lightroom TV – Episode 23.

What else will you find in the latest Episode? A review of a great new book from Adobe – “3D in Adobe Photoshop” – a review I promised earlier.

Also, I am sharing with you a great tutorial on using Content Aware Fill with panoramas. Very often when you create a panorama (using Photomerge in Photoshop), there will be places in your composite where some bits and pieces will be missing – usually on the top and on the bottom, especially if you don’t use a tripod.

Watch Episode 23 to find out how to deal with that! Here’s the link again:

Photoshop Lightroom TV – Episode 23.

Enjoy! 🙂

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