Metering Modes explained

Are you frustrated by your images being too bright or too dark? Let me explain the metering modes then.

All these metering modes take readings from different parts/proportions of the image and set the camera exposure accordingly.

There are three main types of metering mode available in digital cameras:

Metering modes

  • Multi-zone metering(or Matrix) 
  • Centre-weighted metering 
  • Spot metering 


Multi-zone metering (or Matrix) – is the default metering mode on many cameras. It takes readings from zones covering the entire image.

This mode produces well balanced exposures  in most situations, especially when the subject is a midtone. It automatically adjusts exposure in difficult lighting situations.

Centre-weighted metering – this mode takes reading from the entire image, but concentrates on on around 60-80% of the frame around the centre.

This metering mode is less likely to be influenced by very dark or very bright areas and it gives quite predictable results.

Spot metering – this mode takes reading from only 1-5% of the frame. It offers more accurate reading than other metering modes as it is not influenced by darker or brighter areas in the frame.

NOTE: Not every camera is equipped in Spot metering mode, even not every DSLR camera.

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