Lightroom on tablets?

You have got to see it! This will blow you away…

Wouldn’t it be great to have Lightroom (or a similar application) on your tablet?

We do have Photoshop Touch for Android and iOS already. Now it is time for something Lightroom-like. Many mobile photographers would love to have editing tools of Lightroom on their tablets.

Tom Hogarty from Adobe, Adobe Lightroom product manager, appears on The Grid show with Scott Kelby to show the new tablet application that seems to have a lot of Lightroom-like features.

In this video, Tom Hogarty ran through a few of the app’s tools, including exposure, clarity, shadows, highlights and white balance.┬áThe app allows for 100% zoom, can edit RAW-format images and allows for cloud-synchronized editing.

Here’s an image that shows the application:

Enjoy watching.

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