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Lightroom and Creative Cloud?

Adobe_Creative_Cloud_iconYesterday we saw the announcement of the new versions of  Adobe applications – CC applications (CC stands for Creative Cloud).

All Adobe applications are now available as CC applications, like Photoshop CC and Dreamweaver CC, but not Lightroom. At least not as Lightrooom CC…

Lightroom will stay as Lightroom 5, just recently announced.

So, how does Lightroom 5 fit into the whole Creative Cloud? What if you’re a photographer and you just use Lightroom and Photoshop? Well, in this case you could buy Lightroom – yes, you can still buy Lightroom as a standalone application (even though it is now part of Creative Cloud), and you could subscribe to Photoshop only.

Do you need Lightroom, if you are a photographer? Why not use Bridge or Camera Raw (which come with Photoshop)? Oh yes, you do need Lightroom if you are a photographer. Bridge is nice, Camera Raw in Photoshop is nice, but you can’t do without Lightroom if you are serious about photography. Lightroom for designed for you as a photographer and it will meet your photography needs.

Remember that you can buy Lightroom 5 (you can buy an upgrade if you are a Lightroom 4 user) or you can subscribe to Lightroom using Creative Cloud. The choice is yours. Either way you get Lightroom 5 and all the updates it brings. And Lightroom 5 as a subscription is only £17.58 a month. Or you can buy Lightroom 5 for £102 full or £57 for an upgrade.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

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