Lightroom 4 beta announced

It has been six years since the first version of Lightroom was introduced and Adobe are proud to announce a beta version of a new Lightroom – Lightroom 4.

Lightroom 4 beta

Because it’s a new full version, it brings many new features as you would expect from a major new version of a software.

Here are just a few:

2 new modules: Map and Book

Map module uses Google Maps to place photos on the map. You can just drag the images from the filmstrip onto the map.

Book module allows you to create books either as Blurp books or PDF books.

Lightroom 4 now brings in a new Process Version. When Lightroom 3 was released, Adobe introduced Process Version 2010. Now we have a new one – Process Version 2012.

Importing videos into Lightroom has been improved. Again, Lightroom 3 was the first version that allowed importing videos. Now in Lightroom 4 you can actually play video in Lightroom! And you can even shorten the video clips. Very nice 🙂 And you can colour correct the video! How great is that!

The Adjustment Brush Tool has some improvements, a few new adjustments.

And finally, the Soft Proof. Soft proof has been a requested feature for quite some time and now it comes into Lightroom 4!

And finally once again 😉 one of my favourites – the curve in the Tone Curve now comes with individual channels that can be selected and modified! This is a great new feature.

You can now download Lightroom 4 beta from this address here:

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 beta download.

Enjoy! 🙂

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