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I thought it would be interesting to discuss a topic on file formats today and to be precise JPEG vs JPEG2000. A very interesting topic and some of you may find some very interesting and some new information. Many users have never heard about JPEG 2000 so this may be new to some of you. So here we go:

JPEG 2000 was created by  JPEG commitee (Joint Photographic Experts Group) back in 2000 hence the name for the format. It was supposed to improve on the original JPEG format (which was created back in 1992). The standardized file extension for JPEG2000 is .jp2 and .jpx.

There is an increase in compression performance when compared to JPEG. However, because it is not a widely supported file format in web browsers, it has not become a standard (at least not yet).

Some for the features of JPEG 2000:

  • superior compression performance – artifacts are less visible
  • multiple resolution representation
  • lossy and lossless compression

When comparing JPEG2000 to JPEG, it delivers a compression gain of about 20%, higher-resolution images tend to gain more.

JPEG2000 is a licensed, but the contributing organizations and companies agreed that licenses for the core system can be obtained for free (JPEG200 is included in every Linux distribution).

JPEG2000 is supported by Adobe Photoshop (in case of Photoshop CS2 and CS3 the official plug-in for JPEG2000 has to be installed from the install disc as it is not installed by deafult).

More information on JPEG2000 website.

I hope you enjoyed it. Have a fantastic weekend and see you on Monday! 🙂

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