IBM creates Font and saves $1,000,000

IBM Plex font

We are all familiar with IBM logo and their typeface. It’s one of the most recognisable logos/brands in the world and has been for over 60 years.

However, what most of us didn’t realise was that IBM didn’t have their own bespoke font. They have been using Helvetica Neue and spending over 1,000,000 dollars each year on licensing to Monotype.

But this is now going to change because IBM now have their own font – welcome IBM Plex  😉

It was created by IBM and… it’s FREE!

IBM Plex font is going to be used everywhere within the company’s branding – websites, software, presentations, etc. It’s also available in both serif and sans versions. And it’s available for download for free. Here’s your link:

IBM Plex font free download.

The font comes with many varieties, many weights.

What the video below to see how the team got the inspiration and created the font for IBM and IBM Plex was born.

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