How to Remove Blue Screen in Lightroom

Blue Screen in Adobe Lightrom

Hello guys. This seems to be a common challenge for many Lightroom users, especially now with Lightroom CC. You open Lightroom, pick an image and go to Develop Module to develop it but all you see is…. a blue screen…

And it all has to do with the graphics card on your computer. There are two things you can do and I explain them in this video.

So I decided to record a video tutorial explaining how to get rid of it.

Here it is. I hope you will enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “How to Remove Blue Screen in Lightroom

  1. HI
    In develop mode I get blue color overlay on part of the image when developing especially when I use the max settings. Tried unchecking the graphic card box but that was no help. Help!
    Appreciated in advance

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