How do I change how the folders display in Lightroom?

Folders Header in Lightroom

Hello hello. Today I want to talk about displaying folders in Lightroom.

Folders are essential part of your workflow in Lightroom and they can give you lots of useful information.

The Folders panel in Lightroom displays all the drives connected to your computer.

It also displays lots of useful information that can be customized at the same time. For example it can display the amount of space left on the har drive and the size of the hard drive as shown below:

Folders in LightroomTo expand the hard drive to show the content on it, just click on the hard drive bar. In my case, clicking on it expanded the view and show all the folders categorised into years and months:

Folders Structures

The information that displays next to Drive name can be easily customized. Just right-click on the drive and you have a choice of different information to be displayed:

  • Disk Space – how much space left have you got on the drive
  • Photo Count – how many photos were imported into the volume
  • Status – is the drive Online or Offline (Connected or Disconnected)

Volume Info in Folders Next to the name of your drive (on the left hand side) you will find a colour bar. This colour bar represents the space available on the hard drive – this is a very nice feature! Here are the options:

  • Green Light – the drive is online and has lots of available space
  • Yellow Light – the drive is online but has limited amount of available space
  • Orange Light – the drive is online but has very low amount of available space
  • Red Light – the drive is online but it is full
  • Black Light (or no light) – the drive is offline.

I hope you enjoyed it. See you tomorrow and remember – have an outstanding day! 🙂

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