Backing up Catalogues in Lightroom

Hello everyone. Today we will talk about creating Back ups in Lightroom.

Depending how you set up Lightroom preferences (Catalogue preferences to be precise), Lightroom will create back ups for you every day/week/month. This applies to any version of Lightroom (Lightroom 3 will do it when you exit the application, Lightroom 2 when you start it).

After certain period of time you end up with loads of back ups that take space on your hard drive (and many files), so the question I usually get is: “Do I need to keep all these back ups?”

Of course you don ‘t need to keep all the backups. Just a few of the latest will be enough. I usually keep just a few of the latest ones.

Also, make sure you keep the backups on a seperate hard drive (I think it makes logical sense, if you keep the backup on the same hard drive as your catalogue and something happens to the hard drive, you will loose everything).

Have a great day!  🙂

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