How do I animate the snow in Photoshop CS5?

Photoshop Lightroom TV

Welcome everyone!

Today is the day when you can find out how to animate snow in Photoshop CS5 (or CS4 or CS3). Just watch Episode 4 of PhotoshopLightroomTV!

In case you didn’t create a bookmark for PhotoshopLightroomTV, here is the link – PhotoshopLightroomTV.

Also, get a preview of a Worldwide Photowalk in London that took place on Saturday. Great gathering with fellow photographers, exchanging experience and knowledge on many topics (including photography 😉   ).

This was the third photowalk that took place worldwide – over 1000 walks across the globe with more than 33000 photo walkers. People took milions of images, I know we took a lot! Some people were even using their phones instead of their cameras that were hanging over their shoulders… Interesting  😉

Have a fabulous day and see you here back tomorrow.

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