How camera’s shutter works

Have you ever wondered how the shutter in your camera works?

Your camera’s shutter is one of the most important parts in your camera, one of the most important mechanical parts to be precise.

The shutter determines how much light gets into the camera and onto the sensor. It also determines when the light gets into the camera. In most cameras the shutter is positioned at the back of the camera, in front of the sensor.

The most popular kind of a shutter is a mechanical shutter. This used to be the only shutter found in film cameras in the old days. Typically, the shutter has metal blade curtains that move vertically to uncover and then cover the sensor.

When you focus with your camera and are ready to take a photo, the mirror will flip upwards to let the light in when you press the shutter button.The shutter will open and the sensor will register the image. Once the time defined on the camera passes, the shutter will close.

There are some electronic shutters on the market nowadays as well. These are quite new and are not physical. The way they work is by turning the sensor’s ability to capture the image on and off. The electronic shutters are dependant on the sensor type, though. They’re also dependant on the technology and cost-effectiveness.

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