Getty Images bans Photoshopped Images

retouching images

Starting on 1st of October, Getty Images will ban images that are “Photoshopped”.

This is in accordance with the law, which comes into life in France on 1st of October, which requires digital images that have been retouched to have a label notifying users about the changes.

Getty Images will no longer accept images, where the models have been retouched to be made thinner or larger. All this applies to changes made to models’ body shapes. Minor changes like removing some sin blemishes are still acceptable.

As Getty said, starting on 1st of October photographers won’t be able to submit images that don’t adhere to these rules and what they say is that photographers won’t be able to: “submit to us any creative content depicting models whose body shapes have been retouched to make them look thinner or larger.”

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