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One of many things that surprised me a lot when I moved to mirrorless (and Fujifilm specifically) was getting firmware upgrades for cameras that would not just fix bugs but also improve performance of my camera and even add new features! I’ve never seen anything like that with DSLR cameras…

And yet, Fujifilm have been supporting their users with firmware updates. They even add firmware updates for older cameras like my old X-E1. You wouldn’t expect that, would you? And yet it’s true.

Recently, Fujifilm released firmware updates for X-Pro 2 and X-T2 and yes, it’s been a while but maybe you haven’t heard about them or maybe you just bought an X-Pro 2 or X-T2 so here they are (or at least some of them):

  1. Extended ISO
    Something that many photographers will find useful is the ability to select additional extended ISO levels – ISO 125 and 160. This allows users to have more control in low sensitivity range.
  2. Long Exposure of up to 15 minutes
    For photographers who shoot long exposures or night-time, they’ll be pleased to know that they can now programme long exposures of up to 15 minutes! (as opposed to 30 seconds which all cameras have).
  3. Adjusting ISO using Command Dial
    Now users of X-Pro2 and X-T2 can adjust ISO settings by using the front Command Dial on their cameras.
  4. Shooting raw in Bracketing Modes
    Now, users can shoot in raw in many Bracketing Modes like: AE Bracketing, ISO, Dynamic Range, White Balance, Film Simulations.
  5. Smaller Focus Point Size
    Now, when shooting in Single Point AF mode, you will also have an option of an additional small focus point.
  6. Faster Face Detection AF
    With this new update, the cameras will enable using Phase Detection AF for faster performance when using Face Detection.
  7. AF-C Custom Settings
    You can now specify focus-tracking characteristics like speed tracing sensitivity, zone area switch and tracking sensitivity as well as choose from presets depending on subject’s type of movements.
  8. Automatic Vertical Graphical User Interface on LCD
    When you switch from holding your camera in landscape mode to portrait mode, the camera will display all shooting information on the LCD on the back in portrait orientation as well.
  9. Change ISO during Video Recording
    You can now (on X-T2) change ISO as you’re recording video.
  10. Display Live Histogram during Video Recording
    You can now (on X-T2) display live histogram during video recording.
  11. Autofocusing during Video Recording
    You can now half-press the shutter button (or other assigned button) to during video recording to use autofocus.
  12. Extended AE Bracketing
    You can now extend AE Bracketing from 3 frames (+/-2EV) to 9 frames (+/-3EV).
  13. Adding a Voice Memo
    You can now add a voice memo to your shots, which makes it easier for you to add some information you want to remember about the shot.
  14. Shooting Tethered
    Fujifilm X-T2 can now shoot tethered straight from your camera into your computer using WiFi connectivity on your camera.and many more.

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