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Fujifilm X-System

Fujifilm recently made their software – Fujifilm X Raw Studio – available to download.

Initially, the software is only available for Mac users but is is going to be available for PC users in February, too.

What’s very interesting about Fujifilm X Raw Studio is that the raw conversion software (that’s what it is in case you were wondering) uses the connected camera’s processor instead of computer’s processor for raw file processing to make it faster.

With Fujifilm X Raw Studio you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly convert RAW files. Converting RAW files with FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO takes around the same time as taking a photo on the camera, regardless of the performance of your computer, because the FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO system utilizes the image processor in the camera instead of the CPU in the computer.
  • Retain the exceptional image quality from the camera, including the tonality, color reproduction and noise reduction.

At the moment, according to Fujifilm website, only these cameras seem to be supported by the software:

X RAW STUDIO Compatible Cameras
 FUJIFILM GFX 50S  Ver.2.00 or later
 FUJIFILM X-T2  Ver.3.00 or later
 FUJIFILM X-Pro2  Ver.4.00 or later*1
 FUJIFILM X100F  Ver.2.00 or later*1

You can find more information about Fujifilm X Raw Studio on Fuji website.

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