Filters as a Preset?

Good morning everyone! 🙂

It is Monday again, hurray! 😉

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and are starting your week with fresh ideas, I know I do. Today I thought I would touch the topic of using Filters in Lightroom and expend it a bit.

I assume you already know how to filter the images in Lightroom so I will jump straight to the point. Now in Lightroom 3 you will find Lock Icon in the Filters section – if the icon is Locked, the filter you are using now will stay there even if you start browsing through your Collections or different Folders. If you unlock it, it will disable the Filter every time you move to another Folder. Here is the position of the Lock:

Lock Filters in LightroomThe Filters can also be saved as Presets if you use certain Filters very often it makes sense and saves time. At the end of the Filters bar, next to the Lock icon (as on the screenshot above) you will find a pop-up menu with loads of filter presets. You can also create your own filter preset:

First, select the filter you want to use or create it so to say;

Second, select “Save Current Settings as New Preset…”. Done! 🙂

Filter as Preset in Lightroom

From now on, this Preset will be available from the pop-up menu in here.

I hope you enjoyed that and have a wonderful, productive day!

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