Exporting images to Facebook from Lightroom

Facebook export in LightroomAs you know, we can now export images from Lightroom to Facebook.

Sounds like a great feature where you can upload the images straight into your facebook account with no hassle. There are a few things you need to bear in mind when using it. I have heard some complains and I will share this information with you.

What I have heard from people is that they face some challenges with the quality of images that are exported from Lightroom to Facebook.

Here is what I have heard among many complains:

“I’ve started using Facebook export in Lightroom3 and it just doesn’t look right. The images I export to Facebook look pixelated, very bad quality. When I export the same images for Email they look good.”

What it means is that they may be using some “worse” algorithms to compress images and the images may look pixelated. If you expect high quality images, upload them somewhere else and provide links. Just bear in mind that the images you are going to export to facebook will be low resolution images.

I hope this helps. Let me know what you think and see you tomorrow! 🙂

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