Episode 43 of Photoshop Lightroom TV is playing now!

The latest Episode, Episode 43, of Photoshop Lightroom TV is playing now! Don’t miss it!

As you already know, Photoshop Lightroom TV is a weekly video podcast about anything Photoshop, Lightroom, and Bridge related as well as photography and all the web technologies connected with these products. If you haven’t watched it before, have a look on some earlier episodes, they’re real fun!

Another week, another episode brings some new exciting tutorials and techniques. This week I am presenting a tutorial on creating a “mirrored text” effect in Photoshop as a reply to a question I received on an adobe forum recently. A very interesting effect and quite easy to achieve.

If  you stay a bit longer and watch the rest of the episode, you’ll see a review of a new Dell XPS 15 laptop. Make sure you watch it as I am revealing the best features of this great laptop.

Here’s a link for you to the Episode 43 of Photoshop Lightroom TV:

Photoshop Lightroom TV – Episode 43.

I hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

And remember, next week is going to bring another episode of Photoshop Lightroom TV so stick with me and hopefully we’ll have some fabulous tips, tricks, and techniques to keep you entertained! Here’s the link for you once again:

Photoshop Lightroom TV – Episode 43.

Enjoy and see you here tomorrow! 🙂

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