Disappearing Books in Lightroom 4

Lightroom 4 logoOne of the great new features that arrived in Lightroom 4 was the ability to create and publish photo books.

While many Lightroom customers have enjoyed creating photo books inside Lightroom, some have reported a disturbing bug.

Here’s what they were complaining about:

While working on a page spread that contains a caption with multiple coloured text, the book can disappear.

To deal with that, what you can do is:

– Update to Lightroom 4.2 – this may help in recovering a lost book.

When you update to Lightroom 4.2, you should see a dialogue box saying:

All pages will be deleted. Are you sure you want to proceed?

Click Cancel and close Lightroom.

Once you’ve restarted Lightroom (you may need to do it twice), your book should appear inside Lightroom 4.2.

Here’s a message from Adobe about this issue:

” The Lightroom team is currently researching and evaluating this bug to ensure that there are no other ways that it can be triggered. Our aim is to include a fix in a future update to Lightroom 4. “

We hope to see a solution to the issue soon.

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