Death of Lightroom 6, Rise of New Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom 6 discontinued

Adobe are introducing a new Lightroom CC.

The new Lightroom CC is now going to be cloud-based.

But don’t threat, the “old” Lightrom is not going anywhere. Adobe are rebranding it to Lightroom Classic CC. So no panic.

Adobe are saying that the top priority for Lightroom became speed of performance and that’s what they seem to have addressed in the new Lightroom. In their own words:

“Lightroom CC is engineered for the cloud, yes, but it’s also aimed at a different audience than many of the people who currently use 
Lightroom Classic CC”

New Lightrom CC is cloud-based. All your images are uploaded to the cloud (well, Adobe servers). Lightroom CC’s interface seems to be simpler as well, i.e. import dialogue box only gives you two choices: which images you want to import and if you want to add them to an album (collections are now called albums).

Adobe mentioned that they will keep updating/improving both applications, Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC, so there’s choice for everyone. If you’re after simplicity and cloud-based solution, new Lightroom CC offers that. If you prefer “old” powerful Lightroom, Lightroom Classic CC will give you that.

Lightroom 6 will now be discontinued and not supported starting next year. There will be no non-description versions of Lightroom.

Lightroom CC will now be available with following plans:

  • Photography Plan – now including Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, and Photoshop CC (plus Adobe Portfolio) (£11 a month)
  • Lightroom CC Plan – Lightroom CC (new) and 1TB of storage (£11 a month)
  • Creative Cloud All Apps Plan – all apps as usual and 100GB of storage (£50 a month)

Interesting enough, my All Apps plan doesn’t give me enough storage to store my images if I wanted to upload them. However, much cheaper Lightroom Plan would give me plenty of storage…

If you start using new Lightroom CC with your images stored on Adobe servers and you decide to stop using it, what’s going to happen to your images? Adobe will keep your images for one more year after your subscription ends, which will give you time to download your images.

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