Adobe Creative Suite

Creative Suite 6 branding

Do you know how the branding at Adobe works? Are you aware how Adobe works on designing their icons of the products and products icons?

Enter Adobe branding – CS6!

Adobe Creative Suite branding

Let me share with you an intro to the story on how Adobe Creative Suite branding was created.

Did you know that it takes over a year to design and implement the assets for a new version of Creative Suite? Did you know that there are around 5,000 assets to create? So, you guess it, design team at Adobe is thinking about assets for CS7.

New releases bring changes into applications as well as assets associated with them. Some people like them others dislike them.

Without getting deep into the design process, let me share with you a link so that you can read more about it on Adobe website. Here’s a link for you:

The CS6 Desktop Brand System.

Enjoy! 🙂

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