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Export Presets

Hello everyone. I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post and I hope you enjoyed yet another Episode of PhotoshopLightroomTV.

If you haven’t watched it yet, head on to PhotoshopLightroomTV website and watch it.

Today a topic of Exporting images from Lightroom. This is one of the most often used features in Lightroom. At certain point in time you will need to export your images whether you want to email them or print them etc. So after selecting the images for export, just click on Export button in the bottom left corner of the Library Module:

Export in LightroomLightroom comes with a set of presets for Exporting images but you can also create your own presets. It is even useful to save some of your export presets so it is easier to reuse them as you frequently export images.

The way to do it is to set up all the settings on the right side and then press Add button in the  Presets Panel of the Export window. This will bring New Preset dialog box where you can name it and add it to your User Presets folder:

ExportThis is an easy way to create your own presets for exporting images for Email, blog or printing them.

I hope you enjoyed it. ­čÖé

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