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Create Now World Tour coming

Create Now World Tour from Adobe is coming to the city near you.

Adobe evangelists and other creative leaders are bringing Create Now to you.

There are lots of dates, so there may be a place near where you live where you could attend the event.

Attend an event in your area to learn what’s new in Adobe Creative Cloud, the membership that gives you the latest Adobe Creative Suite® tools, services, and much more, to create anything you can imagine. Get inspired by creative innovators and learn new ways to create for print, mobile, web, or video.

There is a whole schedule for Create Now on Adobe website. The dates that are of interest to me are the ones in Europe, especially in England. Like this one here:

Mar 5, 2013   London

In London we should see Rufus Deuchler, Jason Levine and Paul Trani.

For more details visit Adobe website, link below:

Create Now tour.

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