Change the size of the Thumbnails in Lightroom


I know what you may be thinking: “Changing the size of the Thumbnails in Lightroom?  Not a big deal…”

Actually, it is a big deal because I’m talking about the Import dialogue box!

Do you know that when you import the images into Lightroom, you can change the size of the thumbnails in the Import dialogue box? When importing images from a memory card you can resize the thumbnails using the preview slider at the bottom right of the Import dialogue box.

Using the slider Thumbnails in the bottom right corner of the Import dialogue box under the previews, you can make the thumbnails as big as you want (or as small as you want). By making the thumbnails really big you can decide which images are good enough to be imported so you don’t waste time importing all the images and then removing many of them. This is a real time saver so you don’t waste time with images that are not good enough to be kept.

I hope you like this tip. You can expect more tips like this one in the next few posts.

Have a fabulous day! And see you tomorrow! 😉

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