Can I import 3D files into Photoshop?

3D in PhotoshopYes, you can import native 3D files into Photoshop! It allows import of many file formats. Here’s a couple of them:

  • OBJ
  • Collada
  • KMZ
  • 3DS
  • U3D

Here’s a brief overview of some of them:

OBJ – it is a text file format so you can edit it in a text editor. Photoshop supports most of the OBJ specifications. If you want to see specifications, here’s the link:

OBJ Specifications.

3DS – this one is a binary format so you cannot edit it directly. The format is owned by Autodesk and it is a proprietary format. It is a very popular format, however there is no official specification available which means many building blocks within the format are only known to Autodesk.

Collada – this one is an xml style format so you can edit it with any text editor (like any xml file). Collada is an open standard with contribution from many companies. You can find Collada specifications here:

Collada specifications.

Enjoy playing with 3D in Photoshop! 🙂

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