Biggest Misconception about Lightroom

Biggest misconception about Lightroom

Today, I’d like to talk about the biggest misconception about Lightroom.

Something people keep asking about all the time.

Something that gets people so many problems.

Developing images in Lightroom is easy. But managing images and the catalogue is another story…

One of the most common questions I get from almost everyone is “Where are my images?”, “Where is my catalogue?”, “How do I open images in Lightroom?”….

Well, you don’t open images in Lightroom. When you import images into Lightroom it creates a reference to images stored somewhere on your hard drive (internal or external). So one of the very important things to remember is to keep images in the same location otherwise Lightroom won’t be able to find them.

As to your catalogue you can store it anywhere you want as long as Lightroom can access it. And just to explain it better I recorded a video that explains and shows the biggest misconception about Lightroom. I hope you will enjoy watching it.

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