Backup Part 2

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Backup once again. This is an extension on the topic of Backup in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or on ways you could backup your Lightroom work.

I hope you enjoyed the previous article, so let me give you some more information.

The interesting topic I would like to cover here is something that I was recently asked:

” What do I do to make sure I have all my Lightroom work backed up in case my OS crashes? “

This is a very interesting question, because as you know when you use Lightroom backup feature, it only creates a backup of your Catalogue, not the original files or the preview images that Lightroom shows you in the workspace (the thing with the previews is that they will be generated by Lightroom when you restore your Catalogue so nothing to worry).

This brings an interesting concept of creating a backup of your whole file system or disc image as it is called.

Here’s a very interesting video on the topic that I found from Matt Kloskowski:

Video – Backing Up Lightroom by Matt Kloskowski.

Enjoy it, sit back and relax while watching the video and I will see you here tomorrow. 🙂

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