AP to use Sony Cameras Only

Sony Alpha camera

The Associated Press, one of the most prestigous news agencies, and one of the biggest as well, have announced their cooperation with Sony Imaging.

What this means is that from now, The Associated Press photographers and videographers will be solely supplied with cameras by Sony Imaging. And this applies to photographers all around the world.

Associated Press’ Deputy Managing Director of Visual and Digital Journalism – Derl McCrudden – announced the news and mentioned several benefits of sticking to one manufacturer.

He said:

“This will change, immensely, the way we’re able to operate. The quality of our videos will go up, the quality of our photos will go up, our teams will be able to share kit—memory cards, batteries, lenses. This is a game-changer for the AP and will give us way more flexibility into the future.”

Here’a video:

(I couldn’t embed it so here’s the link for you).

As for the gear, AP photographers will get Sony Alpha 9 II and also some Alpha 7R IV.

This news may come as a shock to some other companies, probably especially Canon, as AP photographers have been using mainly Canon cameras.

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