Advanced Blending in Photoshop

Good morning! 🙂

I hope you had a great weekend. Today I want to share with you something that appears as part of this week’s Episode of Photoshop Lightroom TV – Advanced Blending technique in Photoshop.

In this tutorial I am showing how to use effectively Blending options for Layers that can be found in Layer Styles (note that I am not talking about blending modes for layers even though I mention them quickly to show the difference).

Here is what I am talking about:

I am not covering all the options in this dialog box, mostly focusing on one technique that works really well and describing it to you. You can find the whole tutorial as part of Episode 14 of Photoshop Lightroom TV. Link below:

Episode 14 – Photoshop Lightroom TV.

And to be really precise I am talking about one part of this dialog box which can be found on the screenshot below.

Enjoy and I am looking forward to seeing you here tomorrow! Have a fabulous day! 🙂

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