Adobe releases Photoshop Touch App for iPad

Photoshop Touch App


The day has come, Adobe released Photoshop Touch App for iPad. Adobe has finally revealed the image editing application that has been available for Android for a while now.

Photoshop users will recognize some of the tools from the desktop version of Photoshop in this application for a tablet.

Photoshop Touch App is now available from App store and it costs $9.99 (the same as the Android version).

The interface looks very similar to that of the Android version of the application and Adobe packed some great features into the application.

Here are some of the great features in Photoshop Touch:

  • some of the great Photoshop features are now available on the tablet application like: layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters,
  • unique Camera feature that can use your camera built into iPad to fill a layer with an image,
  • use Scribble Selection Tool to extract the image,
  • use Refine Edge to select parts of the image that are hard to select, i.e. hair,
  • use integrated Google Image Search to search and acquire images,
  • share images on Facebook from within the application and add comments,
  • upload your creative designs to Adobe Creative Cloud and access them from another machine running Photoshop CS5 (this requires a downloadable plug-in for Photoshop CS5)

Due to requirements of the application, it only runs on iPad 2. The maximum image resolution that it supports is 1600 x 1600px.

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