Adobe MAX coming to Europe

Just got an email from Adobe (don’t get many nowadays) with an exciting subject – MAX is coming to Europe!

That got me reading as Adobe haven’t done MAX in Europe for more than a decade. I think the last time they did it was Barcelona around 2007-8 maybe. So this is exciting news.

It looks like they’ve chosen a “sunny” country again as they’re not coming to London (or Berlin) but to Lisbon, Portugal.

Another surprise is that they’re going to run it not on the weekend (when everyone is free and can attand) but on Monday/Tuesday – 15/15th June. 🙁 That’s it for me going, as yours truly will be delivering all week Premiere Pro Masterclass course here in London 🙁

Of course, they’re selling tickets to the event, but at the moment they’re discounted from 649 Euros + VAT down to 300 Euros + VAT. (keep in mind that on the website it says that the vat is 23% (that’s higher than vat in the UK for example).

And in Adobe’s words for the description of the event:

“Join us to learn from your design heroes, discover what’s next for creatives and connect with people from around the world, who love to create as much as you do. “

They’re mentioning the latest innovations in the apps from Creative Cloud.

You can save on the ticket price until the end of February so don’t wait if you’re planning to go.

Looking through the website, at the moment, I found Jason Levine and Paul Trani form Adobe as the speakers. There may be more to follow.

Check the website for more information and tickets:

Adobe MAX Europe 2020 tickets

2 thoughts on “Adobe MAX coming to Europe

  1. Super interesting, although I totally agree, the choice to host something like this on a weekday will hurt attendance somewhat. The prospect to learn from design heroes is a cool concept!

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