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Adobe CS5 Live in Birmingham

Adobe CS5 LiveHello everyone. Yesterday was a fantastic day!

Lots of very interesting information from the best people in the industry. I found the event to be of great value.

Even myself as an Adobe Instructor found many new interesting techniques that I will apply in my training courses.

Many training sessions that anyone would find interesting (there was a Web  session and a Production Session for video guys and a Design Session for designers).

I was especially excited to see the man himself – Terry White – who came to us all the way from Michigan in the United States! Thank you very much for coming Terry! It was a fantastic experience to see your presentations, especially the one about Photoshop as I love Photoshop! And it was also very funny and informative at the same time. Great stuff!

Here are a couple of images from the event. Enjoy!

Steve Burnard from Adobe

Terry White from Adobe

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