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Adobe “Create Now” event London

The guys from Adobe have arrived at London for their “Create Now” world tour and what a session it was.

If you missed the event, there was a lot going on.

It was a session (actually two with a break) covering Creative Cloud and packages for Graphic Designers, Web Designers and Video Editors.

The session started with Rufus Deichler giving a great overview of Creative Cloud and also covering everything you need to know about Creative Cloud. Then, Jason Levine jumped in with a session on video applications like Premiere Pro and After Effects. I’m sure everyone who attended learnt something new today. I, for example, learnt about removing camera shake from videos shot handheld, something that will prove extremely useful for me when working in Premiere Pro. Thanks, Jason!

After Jason, we had Paul Trani doing a web session. Paul explored all major web applications during his two parts’ session – from Dreamweaver (new features for Creative Cloud members) to new applications like Muse and Edge Animate as well as Edge Reflow. Paul also covered Flash and one of my favourite new features in Flash CS6 – export to HTML5 with CreateJS. Absolutely brilliant!

Here are some images I tool during the event:





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