Adobe apologise for sluggish Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

The last update to Adobe Lightroom Classic CC came with a number of bugs which infuriated lots of users.

I know for one, my Lightroom has been constantly crashing since the last update, something that hasn’t happened much in the past (although Lightroom has been very slow for a few years now and many users have been complaining).

Adobe have now come back with an apology and released a number of bug fixes in the latest update available now – Lightroom Classic CC 7.3.1.

Here’s the apology from Adobe:

We heard your feedback and felt that parts of the release didn’t uphold the level of quality that we hold ourselves to. We’re happy to report that these issues were resolved and now available for immediate download. Some of the issues resolved included converting presets, sorting and copying/pasting profiles, translation errors, along with crash fixes.

You can find more information about the update here on Adobe website.

Make sure you update your copy of Lightroom as soon as you can to increase the performance. Just run the Creative Cloud updater and update Lightroom.

One thought on “Adobe apologise for sluggish Lightroom

  1. Yeah the problem is that it is so slow it is causing my workflow to come to a crawl. I used to be able to do an export and add those exported images right to the catalog so I could then continue working it was almost instant. After the latest updates, I do an export and the adding to the catalog takes forever and I can’t do anything while that is going because Lightroom resets after each image imports. I had to remove the auto add from the export and manually do a sync on the entire folder. Really, really frustrating!

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