512GB Memory Card Launched

Memory cards are everywhere nowadays. Smartphones, tablets, cameras, even some laptops. They allow you to expand your storage. And quite cheaply.

And now, all users of devices which use a microSD memory card, have a new option – a massive 512GB microSD card from PNY!

By announcing this massive 512GB memory card, PNY have surpassed SanDisk’s 400GB memory card announced last year.

PNY say this card will offer transfer speeds of 90MB/sec, which is slightly behind SanDisk with 100MB/sec. The card carries UHS-I label as well as U1 Class 10 and V10.

At the moment the card is priced at $349 which is not cheap but nothing new is cheap and the price will come down with time. PNY mention that the card will allow to store up to 80 hours of FullHD video and up to 100,000 photos (this will depend on the resolution and camera of course).

More information on PNY website.

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