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£15 computer! and… Made in Britain!

That’s right, this is not a mistake, a £15 computer! I spotted it in one of the computer magazines and quickly went to computer’s website to find out more.

If you are looking for a computer for browsing  the internet, checking emails etc, this may be a perfect solution. Can you imagine buying a computer for a cost of 6-7 coffees? Oh, did I tell you that it’s the size of the credit card? How cool is that?!

Here’s what it looks like:

Raspberry Pi

The computer’s called Raspberry Pi and was created by the guys in Cambridge, UK. It is powerful enough to handle Full HD video.

Here’s a bit of specs:

it runs a processor ARM11 700 MHz including graphical processor,

256 MB of RAM,

two USB 2.0 ports,

HDMI port,

and another port to connect it to a monitor or a tv.

It’s a very nice and handy little computer that’s quite powerful. It is much less powerful than most computers nowadays, but good enough for an average user, and it only costs £25! (there is a lower-spec version for £15 as well). You can connect it to your big TV or a big monitor, connect a keyboard, cheap external hard drive or a big memory card, and you can watch your movies or play games.

More details on the website:

Raspberry Pi website.

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