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You and your equipment

Hello everyone,

Today we’ll talk a bit about photography. If you’re a photographer then are you really concerned about the equipment you use? If you are, what brand do you use? Canon? Nikon? Sony? Maybe something else that I’m missing here…

There are so many different manufactures on the market now that it’s hard to mention all of them here. Here’s another question for you:

If you use a camera, let’s say Canon or Nikon, do you use the original lenses or do you rely on the third-party lenses? I’ve used some lenses from Sigma in the past and I was very happy with the optical quality of the lenses. The built of the lenses was very good as well. What I wasn’t happy with was the auto focus, a bit too noisy and a bit slower than Ultrasonic from Canon. In terms of auto focus even the cheaper Canon lenses were better than Sigma Ex series (I’m not sure about HSM lenses, I haven’t tried them). As it comes to the quality of the optics, I found Sigma lenses equally good to Canon lenses (and cheaper).

In my opinion, it all comes down to what you expect from the equipment you use. Yo may be happy with the slower and a bit noisier auto focus and get a really good quality lens from third-party for a fraction of the price of the “branded” one. It is your decision and it depends on your expectations.

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