Why Manual Focus is better than Auto Focus

Manual Focus with LiveView on a D-SLR camera with Marek MularczykMost digital cameras nowadays offer a photographer many automatic options for taking photographs and less reasons for using Manual in many cases (not in cases of real photographers).

This makes many photographers to rely on Auto Focus on their cameras/lenses and never use Manual Focus. I remember when I started in photography with my first SLR camera – Zenit 12XP, and all focusing was done manually.

I still use Manual Focus on my current digital SLR camera, but that often. One of the situations when I use Manual Focus almost exclusively is when I shoot macro. This gives me the ability to focus precisely how I want it and make sure that everything  want in focus is in focus.

Very narrow depth of field you get with macro shots means that you need to be very precise while focusing, and it happened to me in the past that the image that looked sharp on the camera, wasn’t that sharp in reality when I opened it on¬† my computer.

What I do in these situations is I use LiveView on my SLR camera and I focus manually with image being zoomed in on the screen. To show you how I recorded a video for you.

Here’s the video. I hope you will enjoy it.

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