Video Slideshows in Lightroom

Lightroom 3Another day, another Lightroom post. Good morning! 🙂

I am thrilled to be writing for you today and show you the new Video Slideshow export in Lightroom 3! This is a new feature in Lightroom 3 and allows you to export the slideshow as a video. There are a number of options, among many export to HD video! How great is that! And I mean Full HD! 1080p!

So now, you can export your slideshows as videos and give them to a client and let them watch it as a video on their computer. There is a number of options that can be used to customize the slideshow when you export it but instead of boring you with all the details, I will share with you a video that I have created.

Sit down, relax and enjoy! 🙂


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