The Secrets to CS5 #8 – Camera Raw 6 in Photoshop CS5 and Bridge CS5 continued

Hello again. A couple more new features in Camera Raw 6 today. We talked a bit about Camera Raw 6 yesterday and I wanted to add a bit more to it.

There are some more improvements to Post-Crop Vignetting:

– in the Style menu there is a new Highlight Priority Mode with additional settings for Midpoint, Roundness, Feather and Highlights to add a touch to the vignette:

Post-Crop Vignette in Photoshop CS5

Also, because Camera Raw can be used with JPEGs and TIFFs as well as raw images, you can use these enhancements with images from consumer digital cameras and even mobile phones like iPhone.

Very nice subtle changes, new adjustments giving you more power while working with images in Photoshop CS5 and Bridge CS5.

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed it and till tomorrow.

Have an outstanding day.

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